Screening: In-Depth Focus 2015

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In this Screening In-depth Focus: High-content screening accelerates discovery rates in the life sciences; Phenotypic screening using 3D tissue culture and whole animal assays; Screening Roundtable…

Screening In-Depth Focus 2015
  • High-content screening accelerates discovery rates in the life sciences
    Angela Panarella and Jeremy C. Simpson, UCD Cell Screening Laboratory, University College Dublin
  • Phenotypic screening using 3D tissue culture and whole animal assays
    Horst Flotow, Hit Discovery Constance
  • Screening Roundtable
    Guillaume Frugier, Field Applications Scientist at Molecular Devices / Jacob Tesdorpf, Director of High Content Imaging Instruments and Applications, PerkinElmer / Joseph M. Zock, Senior Director, Product Management, IntelliCyt Corporation / Peter Banks, Scientific Director, BioTek Instruments Inc / Moderated by Jeremy C. Simpson, UCD Cell Screening Laboratory, University College Dublin

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