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Issue 6 2015



Screening: In-Depth Focus 2015

6 January 2016 | By Caroline Richards

In this Screening In-depth Focus: High-content screening accelerates discovery rates in the life sciences; Phenotypic screening using 3D tissue culture and whole animal assays; Screening Roundtable...


PAT In-Depth Focus 2015

6 January 2016 | By

Featuring an overview of process analytical control; Beyond API monitoring: in-line Raman spectroscopy for process control; Monitoring, understanding and assessing pharmaceutical process and product quality; and a PAT roundtable...


Use of the ‘purge tool’ in assessing mutagenic impurities

6 January 2016 | By Dave Elder, GlaxoSmithKline and JPAG

The International Conference on Harmonization M7 text provides guidance on establishing acceptable levels of mutagenic impurities (MIs) . It also outlines the safety and quality risk management processes that manufacturers need to undertake to control MIs that may potentially affect the drug substance or drug product. Over the past decade,…


The limitations of the colony-forming unit in microbiology

6 January 2016 | By Tony Cundell, Microbiological Consulting LLC

The recent revision to USP General Informational Chapter Validation of Alternative Microbiological Methods that became official on December 1, 2015 contained a section discussing the limitations of the colony-forming unit (CFU) in terms of enumerating only those microorganisms that readily grow on solid microbiological media. The section highlights its inappropriateness…


MIQE compliance in expression profiling and clinical biomarker discovery

6 January 2016 | By Irmgard Riedmaier, Melanie Spornraft, Benedikt Kirchner and Michael W. Pfaffl, Technical University of Munich

Molecular diagnostics and biomarker discovery are gaining increasing attraction in clinical research. This includes all fields of diagnostics, such as risk assessment, disease prognosis, treatment prediction and drug application success control. The detection of molecular clinical biomarkers is very widespread and can be developed on various molecular levels, like the…


Designing a novel continuous manufacturing plant with superior monitoring and control

6 January 2016 | By Ravendra Singh, Jun Zhang, Marianthi Ierapetritou and Rohit Ramachandran, The State University of New Jersey

There is a growing interest in manufacturing the pharmaceutical product continuously . Along with other advantages , it provides an appropriate platform to implement suitable monitoring and control architecture, to improve the product quality and minimise product rejection and operating expenses. Continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing can be also considered as a…


To float or not to float?

6 January 2016 | By Sue Staunton, James Cowper Kreston

For many years, global markets had focused their attention on traditional sectors such as natural resources rather than on life science companies, so initial public offerings (IPOs) for such companies were uncommon. The past few years have, however, seen a sea-change and life science companies – from biotech to medical…