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Can crab shells provide a green solution to malaria?

Industry news / 17 May 2017 / Niamh Marriott, Junior Editor

Study shows how a mixture of chitin and silver nanoparticles inhibits growth of mosquito larvae…

Market pressures and inadequate production restrict access to antibiotics

Industry news / 15 May 2017 / Niamh Marriott, Junior Editor

Antibiotics are becoming more difficult to access, mostly because the drugs are less profitable for manufacturers to produce and market…

New report reveals little progress on 2014 WHO psoriasis recommendations

Industry news / 5 April 2017 / Niamh Marriott, Junior Editor

A new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) reveals governments have taken little or no action to improve care for those living with psoriasis…

zika virus

FDA approves Abbott’s molecular Zika virus test

Industry news / 3 February 2017 / Niamh Marriott, Digital Editor

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorised Abbott’s molecular test to detect Zika virus in whole blood (when collected alongside a patient-matched serum or plasma sample) for emergency use. This is the first molecular test made by a commercial manufacturer authorised to detect Zika in whole blood samples; this is significant since the […]

Tackling resistance: 3/4 Brits support mandatory test before antibiotic prescriptions

Industry news / 18 November 2016 / Niamh Louise Marriott, Digital Content Producer

Around three-quarters (74%) of people believe that a positive test for bacterial infection should be compulsory before being able to access antibiotics…

Mundipharma announces EU regulatory submission for Nyxoid

Industry news / 4 November 2016 / Niamh Louise Marriott, Digital Content Producer

Studies showed that Nyxoid is bioequivalent to injectable naloxone as a first line treatment for opioid overdose, with an intranasal 1.8 mg dose…

Sanofi sends half a million dengue vaccines to high risk Brazilians

Industry news / 15 August 2016 / Sanofi

Results of the study affirm the vaccine’s consistent efficacy in reducing dengue in two-thirds of the study participants, aged 9 and older. It also documents the ability of the vaccine to prevent 8 out of 10 hospitalisations and up to 93% of severe dengue cases in this age group during the 25 month follow-up phase of the studies…

GSK adopts groundbreaking IP approach to expand access to its medicines

Industry news / 31 March 2016 / Victoria White

Sir Andrew Witty has set out a series of steps designed to help bring innovative GSK medicines to more people living in the world’s poorest countries…

Maternal immunisation

Blog / 3 March 2016 / Emmanuel Hanon, Senior Vice President, Head of Vaccines Research & Development, GSK

Here, GSK’s Emmanuel Hanon discusses maternal vaccination and how it has emerged as a promising public health strategy…

Zika Virus: a public emergency of international concern

Blog / 4 February 2016 / Victoria White, European Pharmaceutical Review

The Zika virus has taken hold in South America. Its possible link to microcephaly in newborn babies and neurological conditions has led the World Health Organization to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Here we discuss the virus, countermeasures and the race for a vaccine…

European Pharmaceutical Review’s top 10 stories from 2015

Blog / 28 January 2016 / Victoria White, Digital Content Producer, European Pharmaceutical Review

2015 was an interesting year for the pharmaceutical industry. Here we pick a selection of the top stories that hit the headlines…

WHO releases survey on antibiotic resistance

Industry news / 16 November 2015 / Victoria White

WHO’s multi-country survey reveals people are confused about antibiotic resistance and do not understand how to prevent it from growing…


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