Bioprocessing & Bioproduction In-Depth Focus 2020

Posted: 11 December 2020 | | No comments yet

In this in-depth focus learn about the development and implications of a novel high-throughput method for glycoanalytics and how taking a full-ecosystem approach to microbiome restoration could improve patient survival.

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    In this in-depth focus:

    • Innovations in analytical science: development of rapid, high‑throughput glycoanalytics for biopharmaceuticals
      Researchers have developed a novel high-throughput method for the detection of glycans in purified biopharmaceutical samples. In this article, Victoria Smith, Lewis Wharram and Stuart Jamieson discuss their innovative approach and the implications for safety and potency assurance in biopharmaceuticals.
    • Pioneering a full-ecosystem microbiota approach to improve survival outcomes in life-threatening diseases
      The human gut contains the largest ecosystem of microbial species having complex host-microbiome interactive networks that contribute to our physiology and regulate our immune system. An imbalance in this host-microbiome interaction is associated with disease and the ability to restore or stabilise the network by introducing a rich and diverse cocktail of microbial species can play a vital role in treating diseases. French biotech company, MaaT Pharma, has developed a differentiated approach to re-establish the full diversity of microbial species in the gut using its standardised, full-ecosystem microbiome restoration biotherapeutics and is expanding this approach with a breakthrough fermentation technology.