Bioprocessing & Bioproduction In-Depth Focus 2021

Download this in-depth focus to discover why new licensing guidance could prompt a biosimilar boom in the UK and learn about recent developments in O-glycan analytical approaches for therapeutic proteins.

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    • New regulatory guidance could lead to UK biosimilar boom
      New guidance on the licensing of biosimilar products that reduces unnecessary clinical trials is expected to put the UK ahead of Europe and facilitate a boom in these essential life-saving medicines, creating greater patient access and saving the National Health Service (NHS) hundreds of millions of pounds. It could also make biosimilars available for a broader range of less common conditions. Mark Samuels, Chief Executive of the British Biosimilars Association (BBA), examines the impact of this regulatory first and what it means for the UK market.
    • O-glycan analysis of therapeutic proteins enabled by O-glycoprotease
      Glycosylation of therapeutic proteins is important to biologic drug development and is a critical quality attribute that is monitored during manufacturing. Analysis of O-glycans is technically challenging compared to that of N-glycans. In this review, Xiaofeng Shi, Saulius Vainauskas and Christopher H Taron summarise current O-glycan analytical approaches, describe the dearth of reliable tools for O-glycan analysis and highlight the benefits of a recent technological advancement in the sector.