Using software to improve data management and output in pharma development

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed various issues with the software and data processes employed in the pharmaceutical industry and spurred rapid digital transformation at a rate never before seen in the sector. In this article, Jordan Stobaugh, Principal Research Scientist at AbbVie, discusses how software can improve data management and the key points to consider when looking to implement new data technology.

BEING SUCH A highly regulated industry, pharma has tended to be conservative in its application and adoption of new technologies. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced digital transformation across a range of sectors, from financial to healthcare, and pharma has been no exception, with some estimating the industry may have undergone more than a decade of transformation in just a year.1

However, not all transformation has equal value. In this article, European Pharmaceutical Review’s Hannah Balfour discusses with Jordan Stobaugh, Principal Research Scientist, Analytical R&D, Data Strategy & Management at AbbVie, the process of identifying the right piece of software, the factors companies should consider when looking to implement new software technologies and how AbbVie’s digital transformation journey has helped increase productivity and output in pharmaceutical development.


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  1. I work at a pharma lab and can’t begin to tell you how valuable the right LIMS software is. Thanks for the article.

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