Is PSS Insourcing Solutions right for you?

Patricia Grace, Senior Director, Eurofins Professional Scientific Services (PSS) Europe, shares reasons for the success of the model within the bio/pharma industry.

What is the Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions global programme?

Put simply, PSS provides managed laboratory services at our clients’ facilities using our management personnel, scientists and technicians whom we hire, train and engage to provide high‑quality laboratory testing and support services. This solution involves insourcing our scientific expertise at the client’s site, rather than outsourcing testing to another laboratory facility. Our global programme ensures quality and consistency of service no matter where we serve our clients.

What are your clients’ challenges?

Many of our clients have the workload but not the workforce. Generally, they want to keep the work at their facility, performed under their quality system and using their own equipment, but they are restricted with headcount, scientific expertise, or process turnaround times. In many cases, temporary staffing is not serving their medium- to long-term needs due to limitations and risks within employment legislation. Many companies are carrying the administrative, supervisory and legal burden of using a temporary workforce; coupled with the loss in quality, skill and productivity when temporary workers are replaced. PSS solves all of these challenges – we are a service provider. Our teams are managed by us and our employees can stay at the client site providing services for as long as required. This gives the client a significant value advantage and allows them to focus on their core strategies. We have many clients in Europe that we have been continually serving for over a decade.

What size teams does PSS provide and what scope of services do you provide?

Our teams range in size from two to 300+. The teams are dedicated to running and managing many different types of laboratory and support services, including laboratory set up and validation. Our services range from early phase discovery, all the way through to finished product testing and support in all scientific disciplines. PSS provides the complete range of scientific services our clients need through these phases. We invest time in ensuring the scope of work is well defined and that we understand the client’s needs and culture.

How does PSS Insourcing Solutions work?

A dedicated PSS Manager takes care of all service implementation steps and ensures a culture of superlative client service. Once the service is up and running, we quickly work to confirm service metrics and KPIs with the client, and carefully govern the service relationship in a regular cadence to ensure everything is to the satisfaction of the client.

Which features are unique in PSS Insourcing Solutions?

Our global philosophy is to find great people, take great care of them and they in turn take great care of our clients. With that in mind, we invest in training all our team members to operate with exceptional quality, productivity and superlative service. Our culture is one of continuous improvement. We have a global LEAN programme, which greatly benefits our clients. We have dedicated resources to ensure that all employees are trained on LEAN best practices. We align with our clients on our process improvements, track and report savings to our clients during governance. Additionally, we know science! PSS is an extension of Eurofins outsourcing division – Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing – the largest global network of harmonised GMP laboratories.

How many clients trust your PSS programme today?

PSS has expanded globally and rapidly, particularly in the last 13 of our 20 years of service. We provide services in nearly 20 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Currently, we have approximately 2,500 Eurofins employees serving our clients, at 85 sites around the world.

Patricia GracePatricia Grace

Senior Director, Eurofins Professional Scientific Services (PSS) Europe