United efforts to accelerate drug development

From the Cancer Drug Development Forum (CDDF), John Smyth (Chairman), Axel Glasmacher (Treasurer) and Jaap Verweij (Managing Director) clarify the importance of a collaborative industry approach to cancer therapy development and highlight the most pressing challenges for discussion in their meetings and workshops.

The Cancer Drug Development Forum (CDDF) provides a unique opportunity for all stakeholders involved in developing anti-cancer medicines to analyse and debate the challenges posed by the rapid advances from scientific research versus the ever-increasing burden of cancer, and its associated costs. Workshops involving the pharma industry, researchers, regulators, health technology assessors and patients allow in-depth discussion to enhance understanding of obstacles with a view to progressing solutions for accelerated access to new effective medicines. Our workshops are supplemented by webinars delivered by experts – and for maximum participation we anticipate future meetings to involve hybrid interactions of in-person and on-line participation.