Microbiology: In-Depth Focus 2016

In this Microbiology In-Depth Focus: Risk-based microbiological testing; Improving microbiological assurance for bioburden testing; Microbiology Roundtable…

Microbiology In-Depth Focus 2016
  • Risk-based microbiological testing
    David Elder and Paul Newby, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Improving microbiological assurance for bioburden testing
    Tim Sandle, Bio Products Laboratory
  • Application Note
    By Wickham Labs
  • Expert View
    Contributed by TSI Incorporated
  • Microbiology Roundtable
    With Rich Quashne, WW Group Marketing Manager, Industrial Microbiology at BD and Alan Hoffmeister, Global Field Technical Manager at Charles River Microbial Solutions

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