How Mylan is meeting challenges in sustainability

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Mylan works with industry associations and key stakeholders to improve sustainability of the healthcare system. Jacek Glinka, President, Mylan Europe, explains how…

Looking ahead to the next few years, what do you think are likely to be the main opportunities and challenges affecting the pharmaceutical industry?

Sustainability is one of the key challenges today – on both the generics and originator side of the industry. In Europe, the European Commission is currently reviewing pharmaceutical incentives, as well as pricing issues that are related to the introduction of very expensive innovative molecules. At the same time, we are working with key stakeholders to improve the sustainability of the generics and biosimilars markets, currently under extreme pricing pressure. Both debates are vital for the future of the industry but, most importantly, to improve patient access to medicines.

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How is Mylan preparing for these developments?

Mylan works with industry associations and key stakeholders to improve the sustainability of the healthcare system. For the generic and biosimilar industries, we are advocating fair pricing systems recognising quality and compliance. We are also working to introduce mechanisms allowing effective day-one commercialisation of our medicines – and on measures that allow faster uptake of generics and biosimilars. We are continuously working to optimise our development and supply chain to deliver the most cost-effective medicines for patients.

What would you say has been Mylan’s outstanding achievement (or achievements) of recent years, and what impact has this had on patients and potentially the industry in general?

Over the last 10 years, Mylan has transformed from a one-country, US focused, generic player into a truly global and diversified healthcare company focused on delivering better health for a better world. We now market more than 7,500 products in more than 165 countries and territories. We have diversified our commercial offerings to include branded prescription, OTC, food supplements and hospital products. Approximately 80% of what we sell is produced through internally controlled manufacturing. And we have approximately 50 manufacturing sites located in proximity to key markets.

As a global healthcare company, our commitment goes beyond treatments – it includes prevention and screening, patient adherence and disease awareness. We bring solutions to the market to help patients throughout their healthcare journey. For example, in Europe, we launched the first HIV self-tests in France, Belgium, Italy and Romania by partnering with patient associations and key stakeholders in the markets. That was on top of our role to ensure access to solid antiretroviral medicines. We are also committed to the multiple sclerosis patient community in Germany, offering educational and lifestyle programmes to help patients with their daily life management.

Additionally, we support the development of digital solutions to help patients manage their conditions. A few examples include:

  • MyFreshstart – an education and engagement platform for patients with cardiometabolic disorders, helping them live healthier lives
  • An app to optimise treatment of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency – helping patients with cystic fibrosis track their food and medicine intake – and share that information with their doctor to ensure they get the right treatment dosage to digest their meal
  • Allergy Diary App – to achieve allergic rhinitis symptom control
  • WizVi App – to connect the patient with the physician and pharmacist in their journey from a medical appointment, to the prescription preparation and treatment adherence.

Mylan profile

Mylan is a global healthcare company focused on making high-quality medicines available to everyone who needs them.

  • Mylan works around the world to provide 7 billion people access to high-quality medicine
  • It employs a workforce of approximately 35,000 employees globally.

Mylan’s mission:

  • Innovate to satisfy unmet needs
  • Make reliability and service excellence a habit
  • Impact the future through passionate global leadership.

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