Biopharma In-Depth Focus 2018

In this issue: investment in biopharmaceuticals, particle size methods, and unlocking the potential of new technologies like Lab-on-a-chip.

Biopharma issue 4 2018 in-depth focus
  • Machine learning in biopharmaceutical manufacturing
    The biotechnology industry is expected to increase the production of new biopharmaceuticals.1 Biopharmaceuticals require high-quality standards, high initial investments for approval and introduction into the market as well as continued investment in manufacturing.
  • Understanding the importance of diversity of particle size methods
    The particle size of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) has a significant effect on a drug product’s manufacturability and performance. With respect to manufacturability, particle size can affect compatibility, flowability and blend uniformity; with respect to product performance it can affect solubility, dissolution, and bioavailability.
  • Unlocking the potential of new technologies, such as Lab-on-a-chip, to cut manufacturing costs and boost product development
    The investigation and development of new drugs is a time-consuming and rigorous process with many challenges. Every step and each new method is developed with the intention of bringing effective medicines to patients in the shortest possible time, while ensuring the highest possible level of safety. Good product design, as well as good manufacturing practice (GMP), can lead to more efficient development. Aside from the mass manufacturing process, the integrity of the bioprocess itself may also limit product quality in the final stage.

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