Continuous Manufacturing Roundtable

Welcome to European Pharmaceutical Review’s roundtable devoted to continuous manufacturing. We have brought together six industry experts to focus on how the contribution of continuous manufacturing technology is shaping the pharmaceutical sector and explain what factors are driving that change.


Dr-Marco-BellentaniMarco Bellentani
Product Manager for Containment and Innovative Solutions, MG2





Massimo-BrescianiMassimo Bresciani
R&D Executive Director, Business Development and Scientific Operation, RCPE





David-LovetDavid Lovett
Co-founder and Managing Director of Perceptive Engineering Ltd





Dennis-PowersDennis Powers
Vice President of Business Development & Sales Engineering
G-CON Manufacturing, Inc.





jan-verelstJan Verelst
Global Business Development Manager for SIPAT, Siemens





Richard-SteinerRichard Steiner
Business Development Manager for continuous oral solid dosage (OSD) systems, GEA



1. With pharma being so conservative, how can Conti pioneers convince the industry that this is the future of drug production?

Marco Bellentani: Conti pioneers should convince the industry that CM is the future of drug production by focusing on process understanding. In fact, continuous manufacturing provides a 360° view of the process to obtain uniformity of the content (the right formulation with the correct percentage of each ingredient), uniformity of the dosage (the right quantity of product inside each capsule), optimised quality performances (formulation designed to minimise variability of the process) and maximised efficiency (advanced controls and proper synchronisation).

All above results can be achieved in a fully integrated environment with CM suite and manufacturing equipment joint in a CM production system that works as a unique system.

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