A new era for Gilead

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As Gilead Sciences enters the rheumatology space, Dr Michael Elliott, Vice President, Medical Affairs Europe, Middle East, Australia & Canada, discusses how Gilead is looking to rapidly build an experienced and committed team to address the unmet medical needs of people living with inflammatory disease.

It’s been about three years since Gilead’s Research and Development group consolidated its work in inflammation and went into partnership with Galapagos. Our most recent Phase 3 data, presented at the European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR 2019) has been the culmination of a long period of work at Gilead and, in many ways, represents the start of a new era for the organisation.

Our company ethos has always been to prioritise disease areas with the greatest unmet need, and particularly those where we can contribute significantly by advancing the science. If you look at rheumatoid arthritis for instance, there have been many therapies over the last twenty to thirty years, yet there are still a large number of people whose symptoms aren’t resolved. These people may be unable to work or do the things that really matter to them, such as being active with their family or continuing the hobbies they had before their disease progressed.

To meaningfully advance the science in inflammation, it is important to explore clinical challenges in multiple ways, which means we need to be collaborative and to think strategically ahead. In addition to our partnership with Galapagos for example, Gilead is collaborating with Verily Life Sciences LLC, part of Google, who will use their cutting-edge technology to analyse biological samples and clinical disease and treatment response data from patients participating in current and future Gilead clinical trials. The goal is to better understand disease signatures and treatment response in order to guide future drug discovery and development.

Building the team

For us to fulfil our ambition in inflammation, we need to recruit and retain the best people. At the moment we’re looking for the right team members across the board, from operations and research, to the medical team, marketing and beyond. If you like working in a dynamic area, where things move fast, but the majority of your activity is working on really interesting science, Gilead is a great place to be.

In my seven years here we’ve launched eleven medicines and they have all been truly innovative. The greatest thing about working at Gilead is knowing that you’re making a difference to patients, and because Gilead is still a relatively small company, you can really feel that you are making a personal impact.

As we enter a new era with our work in inflammation, we’ve got the benefit of a new leadership team and the opportunity for fresh thinking and new approaches from a diverse, cross-functional team. Patients will always be at the heart of the what, the why, and the how at Gilead. Thinking ahead, it would be amazing to see our team realise the kind of transformational changes for people living with inflammatory disease, as we’ve done in HIV and liver disease over the past thirty years.

If you share our ambition and want to be part of the Gilead team, please visit our career page here

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Dr Michael Elliott is the Vice President for Medical Affairs Europe, Middle East, Australia & Canada, at Gilead Sciences, Inc. Michael has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Over the past twenty years, Michael has led global development programmes of early and late stage compounds and has been involved in medicine development, clinical research, as well as medical affairs.

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