Caliber Technologies

Queens Tower
Delflandlaan 1
1062 EA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Caliber offers the widest range of solutions for process automation, quality management and regulatory compliance for highly regulated industries. Caliber’s key differentiator is the product suite which gives companies the unique opportunity to achieve Integrated quality management with a single suite of products.

Caliber’s Product Suite includes:
Quality control – CaliberLIMS
Quality management – EPIQ – QMS, Assure – IQ, Learn – IQ, Docs – IQ C
Manufacturing – CaliberBRM, CalibereLog, CaliberESM
Analytics & insights – CaliberAPQR, CaliberDashboards, CaliberLabAssistant

Caliber’s informatics solutions cater to the key departments within a regulated enterprise, including quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC) and manufacturing. With this suite of products, data from different sources can be seamlessly brought together and maintained for integrated quality management. To this, Caliber adds another level of data management and analysis, with its QPyramid, turning data into intelligent decisions.

Applications & Methods