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United Kingdom

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Linkam Scientific has been developing and manufacturing thermal stages for over 30 years. These are used to help you to characterize materials from polymers to biological tissue, from metals to composites, from -196°C to +1500°C.

Our thermal stages are widely used to characterise the thermal stability of compounds while our DSC stage provides accurate enthalpy measurement and when combined with our LINK Imaging system allows visible changes to the sample to be analysed simultaneously. The local environment can be controlled within our stages including vacuum, pressure, purge gases and now humidity with the recent launch of our RH95 Humidity Generator. Our FDCS provides an efficient system for the quick and easy development of parameters required for freeze drying. The new LINK software provides an integrated environment and a simple solution to 21CFR11 compliance.

IVF has become increasingly important as fertility and birth rates fall in developed countries. Ensuring patients get the right treatment is important both from an emotional and financial perspective. It relies on the accurate equipment to support the correct diagnosis. Linkam have recently launched a range of Glass warm stages specifically designed to meet the needs of Andrologists and Embryologists ensuring samples are kept at the optimum temperature.