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Innovative Solutions for Drug Discovery & Development

The past two decades has seen a dramatic rise in the number of protein-based pharmaceuticals (“biologics”) and companion diagnostics. These important areas of clinical and pharmaceutical science are becoming more reliant on cutting edge molecular biology tools and techniques.

At New England Biolabs® we understand the challenges you face, and we are uniquely structured to help you meet them.

In addition to our reputation as a leading supplier of molecular biology enzymes and other life science consumables, we have a product portfolio that has the potential to touch on almost every stage of today’s drug discovery and development process. We have deep roots in basic research, as well as experience in drug target identification, the development of lab-based technologies for diagnostic applications and creating solutions for the development, manufacturing and quality control of biologics.

We’re ready and able to collaborate with pharma and biotech companies, supporting the discoveries that come out of your lab and help move them all the way through clinical testing, manufacturing, quality control and into regulated markets around the world.

Featured Applications

Our breakthroughs and innovations have made New England Biolabs a partner of choice for many leading biotech and pharma companies. Highlights of recent innovations include:

Accelerating Biological Drug Production

Rapid PNGase F completely removes N-glycans from antibodies and fusion proteins in 10 minutes or less, offering the potential to accelerate the quality control analysis of antibody-based therapeutics production. Additionally, we offer a diverse selection of highly-pure recombinant exo-glycosidases that better the structural characterization of glycans on biologics and biosimilars and offer creative options for the “glycoengineering” of cells or proteins.

Supporting the Development of mRNAs as Novel Therapeutics
HiScribe™ T7 ARCA mRNA Kits rapidly synthesize capped and tailed full-length mRNAs for a variety of applications, including their use as candidate therapeutic agents.

Enabling the Next Generation of Testing in Clinical Trials

The NEBNext® suite of products streamlines NGS sample preparation workflows, with improved yields, using minimal input amounts. NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina, delivers the highest library yields with as little as 500 pg input DNA, and the NEBNext FFPE DNA Repair Mix, repairs multiple types of damage, common in FFPE samples, improving yields and overall library success rates.

Exploring New Drug Targets

The ordered assembly of multiple DNA sequences has grown in importance as researchers, look for novel ways to create new and useful functionalities. NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly creates functional DNA structures, from a simple joining of two metabolic genes potentially all the way up to the creation of an artificial genome. NEB also supplies products that can be used in genome editing workflows; the most recent addition being Cas9 Nuclease with nuclear localization sequence.

The NEB Difference.

Partner with the NEBsolutions team, and together redefine the traditional OEM relationship

Partner with the NEBsolutions team, and together redefine the traditional OEM relationship.

Quality – Our attention to quality assurance and quality control is second to none. After all, we’re not just manufacturing enzymes that can be used in drug discovery; we’re also using them in our own product research and development efforts.

We’re fully compliant and certified to internationally recognized quality standards, including ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003. We implement extensively tested manufacturing processes, rigorous internal standards and documentation; all of which leads to greater consistency and the ability to detect contaminants others may miss.

Collaboration – We’re here to champion your efforts, not challenge your offerings. Our NEBSolutions® team is ready to devote the necessary attention to developing solutions for you, whether you’re looking for a custom version of an existing NEB product or a new way around a development roadblock.

NEB's ISO-certified manufacturing facility is equipped to handle the demands of bulk, custom, or OEM product orders

NEB’s ISO-certified manufacturing facility is equipped to handle the demands of bulk, custom, or OEM product orders

Flexible Customization and Scale-up – From custom product formulations – including formulations for higher throughout and automated processes – to quality controls that better fit your needs, bulk reagent components, varying volumes, inventory management, and kitting, we work around your requirements. We have the manufacturing capacity to scale up quickly and can take on the entire process of configuring kits and customizing packaging.

Product Portfolio – We can provide reagents that have the potential to accelerate your drug discovery efforts: if you cannot find what you need, let’s talk and see if we can find a solution!

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