Tornado Spectral Systems

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Tornado Spectral Systems designs, manufactures, and sells chemical analysis systems based on Raman spectroscopy.  Bolstered by its patented High Throughput Virtual Slit (HTVS™) technology, Tornado’s HyperFlux™ spectrometers deliver significantly enhanced photon collection power.  HTVS eliminates the physical slit of a conventional spectrometer and avoids signal losses while maintaining high spectral resolution, allowing for faster measurements and lower detection limits.

Tornado’s non-destructive, real-time measurement solutions offer numerous benefits for established analytical practice and facilitate broader application of Raman methods for pharmaceutical, petrochemical, biotech, and other applications. To learn more, please visit our website:  

Markets Served:

Tornado Spectral Systems is continuously investing in technological innovation for the industries it serves. The success of the company has now expanded to several key industries such as:

Pharmaceuticals: API Analysis & Formulations, Crystallization, Blending

Upstream Processing: Metabolites, Nutrients, Fermentation

Downstream Processing: Purification Analysis, Critical Quality Attributes (CQA)

Polymers: Hot melt extrusion, UV cure, 3D printing

Specialty Chemical: Reactant Consumption, Product Formation, End point Determination, Petrochemicals

Biomedical: Raman imaging

Applications & Methods