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Our mission: “providing reliable solutions for the bioprocess market that will enable an improved quality of life”

Applikon Biotechnology is a world leader in developing and supplying advanced bioreactor systems from laboratory scale to production scale. We are the only company that can take a customer from the initial screening stage up to full-scale production using the same platform. This minimizes scale-up risks and guarantees the shortest time to market for our customers’ new product development.

Applikon is known for bringing new technologies to the market. These new technologies offer advantages in process efficiency for research and development as well as pilot plant and production scale processes.

As a focused medium sized company we live by our motto “A Step Ahead” to differentiate ourselves from other suppliers. Our focus on developing bioreactor systems only, allows us to produce state-of-the-art equipment. This has resulted in a steady growth to the top position of the worldwide laboratory bioreactor market. The basis for our new product development lies in our strong cooperation with leading international universities and institutes.

As a privately owned company our focus is not on short-term shareholders value but on building a healthy company by supplying the best product offering for our customers now and in the long-term future. This is the basis of many long-term relations with our clients all over the world.

All our efforts are focused on supplying the best solution for our clients in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Validation and documentation is a vital part of our development procedures and this is extended throughout our whole company.

Applikon Biotechnology is unique in the mini and micro bioreactor range. No other company can offer a complete solution on this very small scale. We develop systems on a small scale that generate results that can be scaled to production scale. At the moment there are thousands of Applikon bioreactors used in the world from small scale R&D up to full scale cGMP production.

Since we started in 1974 we have shown a healthy growth and profit. R&D is done in house in our headquarters in Delft, The Netherlands. Design and engineering is done in house but real manufacturing is outsourced. Final assembling is done in-house (in our manufacturing sites in Delft and Guangzhou) as well as the final testing and documentation. We have our own sales and service organizations in the USA (Foster City, California and Dover, New Jersey), the UK (Tewkesbury) and China (Guangzhou). We have well trained local distributors for sales and service in over 30 countries.

We are continuously executing strategic plans to grow the top-line and strengthen our financial performance. New and ongoing programs are exploring new markets, developing innovative products, improving service to customers, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs.

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