Scientific Poster Gallery 2017

In this supplement, we’ve brought together a collection of interesting posters from leading companies in order to celebrate cutting-edge research in the pharmaceutical industry and to share with our readers some of the varied work being carried out by their colleagues…

Scientific Poster Gallery 2017
  • Combining spectroscopy and critical process parameters for monitoring continuous tablet manufacturing via multivariate data analysis (Camo)
  • Microbial survival in compressed gases under fast decompression to normal atmospheric conditions (Particle Measuring Systems)
  • An informatics based approach to developing a stability indicating method (ACD/Labs)
  • Screening of feeding strategies based on trigger events in a 24-micro bioreactor platform (Applikon Biotechnology)
  • Optimized purity and recovery of a monoclonal antibody using mixed-mode chromatography media (Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.)
  • Prevention of dose dumping in PVA-based directly compressed sustained-release matrix tablets (Merck)
  • Polyvinyl alcohol in hot melt extrusion to improve the solubility of drugs (Merck)
  • Accelerate antibody drug development with subdomain-specific affinity ligands (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

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