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Issue 3 2017


Microorganisms and a new horizon of scientific discoveries

29 June 2017 | By

The simplest form of life is composed of single-celled microorganisms which are thought to have appeared around 3.5x109 years ago.1 Interestingly, evidence has shown that chloroplasts and mitochondria were once free-living microorganisms that became incorporated into eukaryotic cells and eventually became energy-producing organelles.1 Biodiversity enables microorganisms to survive in extreme…

Guide To Testing Services

29 June 2017 | By

Welcome to European Pharmaceutical Review’s Guide to Testing Services, the second in our new series of ‘Guide to …’ supplements. In this edition, five leading testing service suppliers explain how their service offering meets current industry needs...

Subvisible particle identification in protein-based formulations by Raman spectroscopy

29 June 2017 | By , ,

Subvisible particles in protein-based formulations can have different origins. Particles can be extrinsic (unexpected foreign material), intrinsic (from the production environment or primary packaging), and inherent (from the formulation). It is important that inherent particles (protein agglomerates) are distinguished from the other two types and that the extrinsic and intrinsic…

Scientific Poster Gallery 2017

29 June 2017 | By

In this supplement, we've brought together a collection of interesting posters from leading companies in order to celebrate cutting-edge research in the pharmaceutical industry and to share with our readers some of the varied work being carried out by their colleagues...