Separations & Purifications In-Depth Focus 2017

In this Separations & Purifications In-Depth Focus: Experts from Leo Pharma explain how they use an MHC 2D-LC system in their analytical troubleshooting laboratory and how it can be applied to solve key tasks in the lab. Plus, Dave Elder explains how guidance for mutagenic impurities has necessitated control of these toxic impurities at very low levels in APIs…

Separations and Purifications in-depth focus digital issue #3 2017
  • Two-dimensional liquid chromatography (2D-LC) with multiple heart-cutting in a troubleshooting laboratory
    Naja Wessel Jacobsen and Lars Dencker Nielsen, LEO Pharma
  • Separation and purification applications for mutagenic impurities
    Dave Elder, JPAG member and David P Elder Consultancy

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