Formulation Development & Delivery In-Depth Focus

In this Formulation Development & Delivery In-Depth Focus: A report on the use of freeze-drying to develop orally disintegrating tablets; a review of mucosal drug delivery; an interview on drug delivery through the skin; and a profile of three analytical technologies used to develop drug delivery systems…

Formulation Development and Delivery in-depth focus digital issue #3 2017
  • Freeze-dried formulations: a new perspective on reformulating naloxone
    Patrick Courtney, tec-connection; Abdulmalik Alqurshi, Taibah University; Ben Forbes and Paul G. Royall, King’s College London; John Strang, National Addiction Centre
  • Mucosal delivery – is this the next level in drug delivery?
    Flavia Laffleur, University of Innsbruck and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Drug delivery through the skin: an interview
    Shashank Jain, G&W Laboratories
  • Analytical techniques for faster development of drug delivery systems
    Pauline Carnell-Morris, Mike Kaszuba and Mark Pothecary, Malvern Instruments

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