Infors HT

Infors UK Ltd
The Courtyard Business Centre
Dovers Farm, Lonesome Lane
Reigate, Surrey

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+44 (0)1737 22 31 00


INFORS HT have been specialists in shakers, incubator shakers and bioreactors for over 50 years, with a subsidiary present in the UK for the last 30 years. The current headquarters for Infors UK is on a small quiet farm in Reigate where we operate all administrative functions as well as service co-ordination. We have local offices in Wigan, Glasgow and Derby as well as Brennan & Co, our exclusive distributor in Ireland.

All sales personnel have a breadth of laboratory experience and really understand our products not only from a sales point of view but also how they are best used to optimise performance. Support starts from an initial sales call to ascertain need, to the sale, and subsequently at installation and beyond. Our Bioprocess Product Specialist for instance is always available to talk specific applications, help with installation and training and then afterwards to help with any technical or application modifications. We have a vast service experience and can offer preventative maintenance as well as emergency call-outs or even simple telephone help and advice.

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