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Application Note: Benefits of web-based solutions applied to eve for bioprocess software

Posted: 13 December 2017 | | No comments yet

The development of powerful, modern browsers and the proliferation of mobile platforms has altered the way in which programs run and where data is stored…

Concepts like a ‘webbased solution’ and ‘cloud computing’ are everyday terms, but their definition is often very difficult to establish. Brief definitions are provided below which offer a framework in which to discuss the benefits of using these concepts for bioprocess software.

“WEB-BASED” refers to software which is accessed over a network connection, locally or remotely (via the internet), and which is run in a web browser. These applications do not have to be installed locally on the user’s computer as they run from a computer acting as a server, and the browser acting as the client. Examples in everyday use include webmail (such as Google mail, online banking, etc) and numerous online games. The size and scope of the program running on the server is not relevant, be it a sophisticated bioprocess management or a simple application for a mobile phone.

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