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Raman spectroscopy: an enabling tool for accelerating pharmaceutical discovery to development

20 August 2013 | By Chanda R. Yonzon, Atul Karande, Sai P. Chamarthy and Brent A. Donovan (Merck & Co. Inc)

Raman spectroscopy has emerged as the preeminent analytical tool for a number of applications within drug discovery and development. Advances in the instrumentation, sensor fabrication and data analysis have enabled the wider acceptance of Raman spectroscopy1,2. In discovery, Raman spectroscopy is used to elucidate structural activity relationships3 and to optimise…

A pragmatic approach for the adoption of QbD principles for analytical method development and validation

18 April 2013 | By Heike Gottschalg, Rüdiger Gössl, Holger Memmesheimer and Holger-Thorsten Steinführer, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co KG

The principles of the application of Quality by Design (QbD) in the pharmaceutical industry in terms of development, manufacturing and control are well defined and described in the ICH guidelines Q8, Q9 and Q10. These guidelines mainly focus on the quality of the drug products, their manufacturing processes and the…

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