Low costs of dispersible products to drive single-use bioprocessing market

Research has predicted that the global single-use bioprocessing market will exhibit a CAGR of 13.6 percent over the forecast period until 2025.

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According to reports, the global single-use bioprocessing market is expected to be worth $26.89 billion by 2025. The research suggests that the market will exhibit a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.6 percent over this forecast period.

…single-use technology helps to enhance operational capacity, which in turn prompts biopharmaceutical companies to adopt disposable equipment”

A key factor recognised by ResearchandMarkets, which compiled the report, as stimulating the sales of and demand for disposable products is the low cost associated with operation and construction.

The research also found that biopharmaceutical manufacturers dominated the market, with contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) and contract research organisations (CROs) accounting for a majority of the market share. Replacing traditional bioprocessing product lines with new single-use technology products and a continuous expansion of single-use manufacturing facilities by CMOs are both key contributors to the growth of the market identified by the research.  

Furthermore, the integration of single-use technology in continuous bioprocess engineering is anticipated to fuel the usage of disposables.

Rising pressure to meet the growing demand for biopharmaceuticals is additionally expected to significantly impact the adoption of single-use technologies within the bioprocessing industry. Hence, this space is predicted to benefit from the rapid growth of biologics. Moreover, single-use technology helps to enhance operational capacity, which in turn prompts biopharmaceutical companies to adopt disposable equipment, says the report.

The research also highlights that simple and peripheral element products dominated the market as a result of wide usage in upstream biopharmaceutical production. Also, the apparatus and plants segment is expected to grow at a lucrative pace primarily due to enormous investments in the development of single-use bioreactors and filtration systems.

However, the report says that some issues which may limit the growth of the single use bioprocessing market include:

  • high cost of single-use equipment
  • concern over leachables and extractables
  • limited adoption in downstream processing.

The key players in this market are identified by the report as Sartorius, GE Healthcare, Eppendorf and Lonza.