Syrris invites scientists to benefit from free flow and automated process chemistry workshops

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Laboratory scale chemists offered educational workshops and seminars…

Syrris workshop

Building on last year’s success, Syrris is again inviting scientists to attend a free program of flow chemistry and automated process chemistry workshops and seminars, which will be held at the Dinslaken premises of German distributor YMC Europe GmbH, between the 21st and 25th of May.

Syrris workshop

Participants at a Syrris chemistry workshop

Delegates attending the flow chemistry workshop will acquire an understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of flow chemistry – including reaction optimization – and learn how the technique can provide faster, safer and cleaner reactions. Participants will also receive specialist application training, enabling them to adapt established batch chemistry processes to suit a more efficient flow chemistry format.

The automated process chemistry workshop provides scientists with an opportunity to learn how to calculate reaction power and enthalpy, generate real-time kinetic data, and understand the safety implications of increasing the scale of a chemical reaction. New crystallization techniques that enable narrower particle size distribution, cleaner particles and better selectivity of polymorphs will also be demonstrated.

To register, or to find out more about the workshops, please email [email protected]

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