The new KORSCH X 3 tablet press: maximising mid-range production

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The X 3 is a breakthrough in the small-scale and mid-range tablet press market segment and the latest advancement from KORSCH.

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The X 3 is a breakthrough in the small-scale and mid-range tablet press market segment, designed from the ground up to incorporate the latest KORSCH advancements. The X 3 is a single-sided rotary tablet press that redefines flexible technology with a new approach to architectural and ergonomic design elements, which were previously available only on larger machines. The X 3 is smarter and Pharma 4.0 ready, which permits a deeper understanding of what is happening in the compression suite. This is the basis to optimise both the process and the manner in which the process is executed by the operations team to obtain maximum product quality.


X 3The X 3 is a robust, portable, single and bi-layer rotary press which is ideal for scale-up, clinical manufacturing and mid-range production. The integrated control cabinet avoids additional space and cabling in the room. The single and bi-layer capability, and exchangeable turret technology offer unprecedented flexibility that permits the press to be adapted to future production requirements. The innovative, self-contained design of the X 3 offers a range of installation options such as portable platform, conventional installation in compression suite, through-the-wall installation. The X 3 offers a range of product containment configurations, including OEB 3, as well as OEB 4/5 with full wash-in-place and high-containment execution.


The X 3 features large windows for excellent visibility and unlimited access to the compression zone to streamline product changeover and turret exchange. At the rear of the machine, the Multi-Function Column houses in two separate compartments, the electrical components and the main dust extraction connection. The water-cooled chiller serves both the torque drive as well as the heat exchanger in the integrated electrical cabinet. The result is a fully sealed machine with no heat transfer to the compression zone of the press, or to the compression room. The closed design ensures no contamination in the machine base or electrical cabinet to support the streamlined cleaning and changeover.


The X 3 is fully prepared to fit into the smart factory concept. The KORSCH control system features an open architecture and the ability to easily integrate the machine to a central network, with domain authentication, central recipe management, and central batch report archiving.

X 3In addition, a standard OPC server permits press parameters to be passed to a SCADA or Historian system in real time. Advanced capabilities further leverage the data through secure cloud solutions for OEE assessment and predictive maintenance. In addition, machine data may be made available for sharing with the outside world. This digitalisation strategy for the machine design will provide a higher product quality, lower total cost of ownership, and significant advantages and convenience in the day-to-day machine operations, from electronic production monitoring to operator assistance through virtual reality.

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