Lonza expands its XS Microbial Expression Technology™ Toolbox by adding new alternative host organisms

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Lonza, a world leader in biopharmaceutical development technologies, announced today the addition of two new host organisms and their associated systems to its XS Technology™ Platform. The expanded XS Technology™ Toolbox addresses the diversity of microbially-derived proteins by providing complementary expression systems that quickly deliver simple, reliable, high yielding cGMP processes.

Pichia pastoris presents an expression option for complex proteins as an alternative to the more commonly used E.coli expression. As a host organism, P. pastoris offers the benefits of both protein secretion and lack of endotoxin production, allowing for simplified recovery and downstream processing. In addition, Lonza’s XS™ Pichia system also includes two different hosts that have been selected for their excellent growth properties and novel promoters. These characteristics in conjunction with a novel signal sequence allows customers to achieve high cell densities, high titers, and improved product quality. Lonza has also developed Pichia expression processes which are methanol free, removing the complication of a solvent based process

Lonza’s XS™ Bacillus subtilis system is an ideal option for the expression of monomeric protein products at expression levels up to 20g/L. This high yield, combined with Lonza’s patented fermentation protocols allow for fast process development and scale-up to support early clinical testing.

“This new expansion to our XS Technology™ Toolbox, addresses the growing demand for microbially-derived vaccines and therapeutics,” said Edwin Davies, Ph.D, Head of Microbial Research and Development Services. “Our innovative expression platform offers the versatility of multiple host organisms in conjunction with our proven scale-up processes to allow our customers the opportunity to reduce their developmental hurdles and enter the clinic with a robust, high producing process.”

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