With the New LabRAM HR Evolution, Research Raman is made easy!

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Fully automated extended wavelength range capability and new generation of software offer versatility without compromise…

Fully automated extended wavelength range capability and new generation of software offer versatility without compromise.

HORIBA Scientific LabRAM HR EvolutionHORIBA Scientific, global leader in Raman and Fluorescence spectroscopy systems, announces their new LabRAM HR Evolution, the latest spectrometer to join the LabRAM series of research Raman spectrometers.

The LabRAM HR Evolution is highly versatile. It offers a fully automated, extended wavelength range capability. It also has an unsurpassed achromatic optical design with a high focal length. In fact, it provides high spectroscopic resolution and a unique wavelength range capability from 200nm to 2000nm with an access to frequencies as low as 10cm-1 thanks to the Ultra Low Frequency module, providing high content spectroscopic information for chemical and structural identification as well as an accurate spatial resolution at sub-micron scale.

LabRAM HR Evolution is ideally suited to both micro and macro measurements, and offers advanced confocal imaging capabilities in 2D and 3D. The true confocal microscope enables the most detailed images and analysis to be obtained with speed and confidence. Dual Path Optics offers fast, simple switching between UV and VIS/NIR regions. No adjustment or alignment is required.

“Our customers should have flexibility from their instruments to make them more widely applicable to their needs,” said Dr Loic CAMENEN, Sales Director of Research instruments division of HORIBA Scientific. “Its flexible base can be expanded with a range of options, upgrades and accessories to suit all budgets and applications including Biosciences, new generation materials, and energy applied research, to name few. It can also easily be adapted to all major SPM/AFM suppliers.“

The LabRAM Evolution utilizes HORIBA Scientific’s new LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite. LabSpec 6 provides complete instrument control and data processing, assuring fast and reliable results. It combines simplicity with powerful analytical functionality, and opens up a full range of experiment protocols, from basic spectrum acquisition to hyperspectral confocal imaging.

HORIBA Scientific’s new LabRAM HR Evolution provides guaranteed high performance and sensitivity, with intuitive simplicity, making it the ultimate instrument for Raman spectroscopy.

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