GSK to supply Europe with 85mn pandemic flu vaccines

New agreement reserves million doses of GSK’s pandemic influenza vaccine Adjupanrix to support Europe’s pandemic preparedness.

blue gloved hand holding a vial labelled 'Influenza Vaccine'

GSK has signed a framework contract with the European Commission’s (EC) Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA) for the reservation of future production and supply of 85 million doses of its pandemic influenza vaccine Adjupanrix [pandemic influenza vaccine (split virion, inactivated, adjuvanted)].

Influenza pandemics, in which a new strain to which there is little or no pre-existing immunity in the human population, are impossible to predict and could cause mild, moderate or severe disease, as well as death.

HERA was established in September 2021 to prevent, detect and rapidly respond to health emergencies by working closely with other EC and national health agencies, industry and international partners to improve Europe’s readiness for health emergencies.

The GSK contract is among the first signed by HERA since its inception and is the last in a series of contracts secured by the company this year. In February 2022 GSK extended its pandemic influenza vaccine stockpile contract with the US Government, in June the enterprise renewed its supply agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO), and in July it signed a contract with the Government of Canada for both seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines.

Under these contacts, GSK could provide at least 200 million doses of pandemic influenza vaccine to governments around the world.

Welcoming this contract, Roger Connor, President Vaccines and Global Health, GSK, commented: “I am delighted that HERA has chosen GSK as a key partner in pandemic flu preparedness. This contract follows three other agreements GSK has made, in the US, Canada and with the WHO. These agreements leverage GSK’s world class global vaccine manufacturing network to continue our long-standing partnerships on pandemic preparedness and response.

“We have all seen the devastating human, economic and social consequences of a pandemic and the important part that vaccines are playing in helping us return to normal life. Through this agreement for 85 million doses, we can help the EU and European countries, as well as other countries and regions, be better prepared for future pandemics.”