Oligonucleotide synthesis market to reach $16.7 billion by 2027

Ongoing clinical trials for oligonucleotide-based therapies will propel the oligonucleotide synthesis market to reach $16.7 billion by 2027, states a new report.

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According to a new market report by ResearchAndMarkets, the global oligonucleotide synthesis market is projected to reach $16.7 billion by 2027 during the forecast period, due to the rise in ongoing clinical trials for oligonucleotide-based therapies in key therapeutic sectors such as oncology.

The research projected a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.8 percent from $7.7 billion in 2022.

Synthesised oligonucleotides

Therapeutic applications in this field include antisense oligonucleotide-based therapies, siRNA oligonucleotide-based therapies and cytosine-phosphorothioate-guanine (CpG) oligonucleotide-based therapies. According to the report data, in 2021, antisense oligos accounted for the largest share of this segment, since many of these therapies are currently in clinical trials.

The synthesised oligonucleotides market segment is divided into primers, probes, DNA oligos, RNA oligos, and other synthesised oligos such as BNA & LNA oligos. The data indicated primers are anticipated to show the highest growth in the synthesised oligos market over the forecast period. This is because of their wide applications in polymerase chain reaction (PCR), sequencing, gene synthesis and cloning.

The research noted that the oligonucleotide synthesis market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to develop at the quickest rate during the forecast period. Growing R&D funding and research activity, higher product availability and lower outsourcing costs are likely to drive market growth.

Major players in the oligonucleotide synthesis market

Agilent Technologies, Inc. (US)

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (US)

ATDBio Ltd. (UK)

Biogen Inc. (US)

Biolegio B.V. (Netherlands)

Biolytic Lab Performance Inc. (US)


Danaher Corporation (US)

Eton Bioscience, Inc. (US)

Eurofins Scientific (Germany)

Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (US)

LGC Limited (UK)

Kaneka Corporation (Japan)

Tag Copenhagen A/S (Denmark)

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (US)

Twist Bioscience Corporation (US)

Maravai Life Sciences (US)

Merck KGaA (Germany)

Microsynth AG (Switzerland)

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. (US)