AI/ML to drive bioprocess containers market

The biopharma industry will see more customisation in the design of bioprocess containers in the next five years, a market report has predicted.

AI/ML to drive bioprocess containers market

Between 2023-2028, the global bioprocess containers market is anticipated to see strong growth. A market report by Research and Markets considers this to be mainly due to the higher demand for automation and machine learning in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Bioprocess containers are advantageous compared to traditional stainless-steel equipment. This is because they offer lower capital expenditures, reduced contamination risk, higher flexibility, and are more efficient.

As adoption of single-use technologies continues to increase, demand for bioprocess containers will rise too, the report noted.

Challenges of bioprocess containers

However, the report highlighted that a key challenge of bioprocess containers is standardisation in material, design, or manufacturing process. An absence of standardisation means biopharmaceutical manufacturers cannot compare for suitability. This can therefore lead to inefficiencies and additional costs.

Scalability is another challenge related to bioprocess containers, as this apparatus may need to be customised for specific applications.

Technology advancement

According to the authors, over the past three years, several innovative bioprocess container-related products have been launched. These products have incorporated new features such as film technology and advanced sensors, with the aim to improve efficiency, reliability, and performance of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. These have contributed to the growth of the market.

How will the global bioprocess container market evolve in the next five years?

The market report predicted the industry will see more customisation and modularisation in the design of bioprocess containers in the future. This will be steered by manufacturers seeking flexible solutions that are easily adaptable to different production processes. As a result, this will help to reduce costs and improve efficiency while maintaining the quality and purity of biopharmaceutical products.

New types of bioprocess containers will be developed, alongside new single-use components like pumps and filters, the report projected.

With sustainability becoming more important for biopharmaceutical manufacturers, these containers have a key role in implementing this within the sector. Designed for single-use applications, they reduce the need for cleaning and sterilisation processes.

Major companies within the global bioprocess containers market include Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Lonza Group AG., Merck KGaA and Sartorius AG.

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