Optimising quality and production with Russell Finex sanitary screener

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When Enzymatic Therapy stopped outsourcing and built its own FDA-approved manufacturing facility, the goal was to improve product quality, streamline production, and ramp up sales growth. A crucial step was selecting the right pharmaceutical sieving equipment to remove any agglomerates, oversize particles or contaminants from incoming raw dry materials.

Optimizing quality and production with Russell Finex sanitary screenerFor quality assurance and maintenance reasons, the company frowned on brushes or metal rollers that pushed product through the sieve as this could result in contamination such as brush fibres. To resolve these challenges, Enzymatic Therapy chose a high-capacity, 22-inch sanitary sifter Russell Compact Sieve® from Russell Finex.

The first step in ensuring quality involves passing all dry materials through a 16-mesh screen to remove oversize particles. A special magnetic trap removes any submesh sized ferrous contaminants, which can sometimes occur due to the pulverizing or processing of raw materials into powder. Some materials are also run through a finer 40-mesh screen to improve binding with other materials. 

The unique vibrating pharmaceutical sieves are a breakthrough improvement over conventional screeners where reliability, cleaning efficiency, and headroom or room size are issues. Since the sanitary screener Russell Compact Sieve® is crevice-free – and entirely constructed from polished stainless steel including stands – all surfaces are easily cleanable. Its simple design makes it easy to strip down and clean without tools.

To read more about the Russell Finex sanitary screener installed at Enzymatic Therapy visit our website.

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