Bruker Introduces New Scientific Instruments and Analytical Solutions at Pittcon 2017

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Bruker is showcasing a selection of innovative high-performance systems and high-value analytical solutions at Pittcon 2017, with an emphasis on pharma and applied markets, as well as on nano-materials research and microscopy…

Bruker press release Pittcon verTera THz

Bruker is showcasing a selection of innovative high-performance systems and high-value analytical solutions at Pittcon 2017, with an emphasis on pharma and applied markets, as well as on nano-materials research and microscopy. Frank H. Laukien, Ph.D., the Bruker President and CEO, commented: “At Pittcon 2017 our commitment to developing state-of-the-art systems and innovative solutions for pharmaceutical, applied, neuroscience and nanoanalysis markets is on full display.”

A. Pharmaceutical Market

The new MALDI PharmaPulse 2.0 system enables pharmaceutical label-free ultra-high throughput screening (UHTS) for primary screens of millions of compounds at significantly lower cost. It can measure up to 10 different samples per second, a 100- to 1000-fold increase in speed and throughput for mass spectrometry-based, label-free screening, with seamless integration into third-party UHTS robotics solutions. To find out more click here.Bruker press release pittcon MALDI PharmaPulse 2.0

BioPharma Compass 2.0 is a new solution for biopharma R&D and QC, including wizard-driven workflows for monoclonal antibody and antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) characterization, intact mass analysis, sequence errors, truncations, substitutions, and key post translational modifications, such as glycosylation. Data can be unified from the most relevant and complementary MS methods for the characterization of biologics, MALDI-TOF/TOF and ESI-UHR-QTOF. A new 3D feature finder, 21CFR Part 11 compliance, and integration of UV data are included. To find out more click here.

Bruker’s new PotencyMR™ solution provides a cost-effective ‘one-stop’ NMR approach for determining the potency of drugs, including potency calculation, identification, residual solvent and water content in one single experiment. With a streamlined, easy-to-use, robust workflow from sample submission to report, PotencyMR is for both experts and non-experts in a pharmaceutical development environment, where quality is a must. To find out more click here.

NMR Fragment-based Screening (FBS) in the pharmaceutical industry has become a widely applied method for the discovery of lead molecules as a reliable technique in targeted screening campaigns. The new FBS solution is built into Bruker’s software TopSpin® and streamlines FBS data handling and analysis for more productivity. To find out more click here.thermo press release pittcon NMR Fragment-based Screening (FBS)

B. Applied Markets

Bruker is introducing its new portfolio of microESR spectrometers at Pittcon. These affordable instruments offer research-grade results in a compact footprint for applied and industrial applications where robustness and ease-of-use are important. microESR benchtop instruments are also used as EPR teaching tools in academic laboratories. To find out more click here.Bruker press release Pittcon microESR

With the new verTera THz extension, the VERTEX 80v now is an all-in-one FTIR R&D spectrometer combining FTIR and continuous-wave THz spectroscopy. Both can be used in the same sample compartment, share the same accessories and benefit from the evacuated optics bench. Including the verTera THz extension, the VERTEX 80v can be configured for a very broad spectral range from <3cm-1 up to 50,000cm-1 without cryogenically cooled components. To find out more click here.Bruker press release Pittcon verTera THz

The new Elute series of UHPLC systems provides outstanding reproducibility for small molecule LC-MS/MS analysis in food and forensic testing, clinical research and chemistry. Bruker is offering a range of Elute systems from UHPLC to high-throughput Elute HT systems with a PAL3 autosampler. Elute OLE offers automated on-line pre-concentration for water analysis or the clean-up of urine samples. To find out more click here.Bruker press release Pittcon Elute OLE

Based on a collaboration with Unilever, the new minspec G-Var bench-top TD-NMR solution for the fast determination of droplet size distribution in food emulsions enables the analysis of margarine, spreads, butter and mayonnaise as well as salad dressing and soft cheeses. A new sample automation controls tempering times to deliver results in accordance with international standard methods. To find out more click here.

C. Nanoanalysis, Microscopy & Advanced Materials Research

The new Ultima NeuraLight 3D™ is an advanced system for optogenetics research to decode neural connectivity and networks. Proprietary spatial light module (SLM) technology enables the mapping of neural networks on an unprecedented level with respect to stimulation frequency and spatial resolution. This breakthrough in simultaneous, all-optical optogenetic stimulation and multiphoton microscopy imaging was achieved in close collaboration with leaders in neuroscience research at Stanford University, Columbia University and University College London. To find out more click here.Bruker press release Pittcon Ultima NeuraLight 3D

Building upon decades of innovation, the new Hysitron TI 980 TriboIndenter® delivers unrivaled performance in quantitative nanoscale mechanical and tribological characterization. This new Bruker system features advances in throughput, reliability and modularity to accelerate materials development. Its configurations include quantitative nanoscale-to-microscale indentation, nanoscratch, nanowear, in-situ scanning probe microscopy imaging, dynamic nanoindentation, and high-speed mechanical property mapping to enable a comprehensive understanding of material behaviour at the nanoscale. To find out more click here.Bruker press release Pittcon Hysitron TI 980

The unique, high-speed X-ray microtomography SkyScan™ 1275 benchtop system for materials and life science research now features an optional 16-position sample changer. Predefined push-button microCT sequences fully automate the scanning, reconstruction, and visualization of internal microstructures. The new extended version accepts samples up to 200 mm in length. Its helical scanning and reconstruction mode provide improvements in 3D metrology for material science, geological, preclinical and biomaterial applications. To find out more click here.

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