See things change: The Anton Paar rheometer series is expanding

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Anton Paar introduces two new members of the renowned MCR rheometer series: MCR 72 and MCR 92, based on Anton Paar’s EC motor technology…

Pitton Anton Paar

Anton Paar introduces two new members of the renowned MCR rheometer series: MCR 72 and MCR 92. Based on Anton Paar’s EC motor technology that has been continuously improved over the past 25 years, these two new rheometers are designed for quick, easy and accurate measurements with unmatched reproducibility.Pitton Anton Paar

Both models are streamlined for the daily lab routine, easy to use in a Plug and Play fashion and available at an accommodating price. The choice of rheometer depends on the application: MCR 72 is equipped with a ball-bearing motor which means it is very robust in use and no compressed air is required. It is designed to investigate the deformation and flow behavior of a sample. MCR 92 has an air-bearing motor for highly accurate for sensitive samples. This rheometer is recommended for observing a sample’s structure.

Unmatched reproducibility and easy handling

The automatic motor-driven elevation mechanism of the measuring head and the SafeGap feature ensure that the setting of the measuring gap is always identical for every measurement and 100% reproducible every time. Features like TruRay, the lighting of the measuring surface, QuickConnect, enabling one-hand connection of the measuring systems, and Toolmaster™, the automatic recognition tool of measuring systems and temperature units, guarantee full ease of use.

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About Anton Paar
Anton Paar GmbH was established in 1922 as a one-man locksmith’s workshop. Today, over 2,000 employees worldwide develop, produce and distribute high-quality measuring instruments for the determination of properties such as density, temperature and viscosity as well as high-precision mechanical parts and assemblies. Anton Paar has strong links with universities and research laboratories worldwide. The company is owned by the Santner Foundation, which invests in research in the field of science and technology as well as in the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

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