Rainin’s calibration service helps ensure accurate, precise pipetting

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Scientists at Novartis in Jersey, USA, rely on METTLER TOLEDO Rainin’s calibration and maintenance service to guarantee the correct operation of their pipettes…

Rainin’s calibration service helps ensure accurate, precise pipetting

Yusra Saleh, formerly a metrology specialist at the company, explained: “We have around 400 single and multi-channel pipettes ranging from 20 to 2,000 μl, the majority of which are from Rainin. Each one must be calibrated on time and according to user-defined specifications. A good calibration and maintenance program – such as that provided by Rainin – is essential for accurate and precise pipetting.”

“We chose Rainin because it offers an excellent maintenance program that includes changing the pipette seals, and the turnaround time is good too. As the original manufacturer, we can rely on the company’s SOPs and audit processes, which is not the case if you chose a third-party service centre; in that situation you have to develop your own audit procedures, which is a lot of extra work. Another big advantage is the documentation. The certificates include information such as historical data, the required volume range and the number of repetitions, and are delivered electronically. I simply open the file, approve it and then archive it electronically, which is much quicker than collating paper copies. I’ve also developed a good rapport with the technicians there, who have been very helpful. We’re very happy with Rainin’s calibration service. It’s working really well.”

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