Perigord announces the release of GLAMS CMO

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Simplify your artwork process, get closer to your customers and strengthen compliance…


Global Life Science technology company Perigord has just released GLAMS CMO, the latest product in its suite of dedicated Life Science Workflow Management Solutions.

GLAMS CMO is a purpose-built artwork process management system designed specifically for Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs). GLAMS CMO demystifies and simplifies the artwork process, a highly regulated and compliance-driven function within the packaging supply chain. It provides a portal for CMO clients to view and approve artwork in real-time, strengthening client relationships, it provides a solid link between the CMO and their Pharma clients!

“We are enormously proud of our latest product and its ability to improve CMOs ability to manage their artwork processes, create a business advantage, gaining an edge in an increasingly competitive market,” said Perigord CEO, Alan Leamy.

With shortening lead times and two-thirds of pharmaceutical manufacturing now being outsourced, CMOs need to have in place a best in class automated management system that underscores their ability to meet the demands of this highly regulated industry. Validated by the world’s leading life science businesses the GLAMS platform creates a vital bridge between CMOs and large pharma delivering a real competitive advantage.

GLAMS CMO leverages the power of Perigord Data’s proprietary global labelling artwork management platform, the world’s only dedicated workflow management system specifically designed for the life science industry.

“Patient safety and process optimisation are at the core of everything we do. Our clients trust us to deliver this into the supply chain. The success of GLAMS allows us to walk into any pharmaceutical company in the world and know that we can add value from the very first meeting,” explained Mr Leamy.

Embracing digital supply chain technology for competitive advantage

Few CMOs have unlocked the potential of digital technologies; however, those that have reported a significant increase in productivity and client satisfaction.

“The pharma industry is consistently managing complex changing regulations that impact how CMOs manage their products,” explained Suzanne Ivory, Perigord Data Chief Operating Officer (COO).

“Pharma companies frequently operate on many fronts simultaneously, investing in product development, launching into new markets while trying to manage existing projects. Outsourcing offers a means for companies to insulate themselves from these pressures, shifting the responsibility of project success to the CMO. Managing risk is a key driver in the decision of what and to whom projects are outsourced, GLAMS CMO is a risk mitigation platform that allows big pharma maintain full project oversight on what and how their CMOs are managing the packaging and artwork process.”

GLAMS CMO is a fully secure system which allows for the end to end management of the artwork function, and provides a secure repository of all artwork, manages approvals and facilitates a full audit trail of all interactions and signoffs carried out during the artwork process.

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