Setting the standard for water quality measurement and control

A brief overview of how SWAN Analytical Instruments helps to ensure water quality with analysers to measure trace ozone and total organic carbon (TOC).

SWAN water

SWAN Analytical Instruments set the standard for the measurement and control of many water quality parameters including TOC, ozone, conductivity and chlorine.

SWAN instrumentation complies with pharmacopoeia standards and is delivered ready to use for easy system integration providing user-friendly operation and low maintenance. SWAN also provides straight forward IQ/OQ/PQ packages for simple instrument qualification.

SWAN AMI Codes-II ozone analyser

Ideally suited for the unattended detection of trace concentration of ozone.

  • Measurement range of 0-500ppb with a detection limit of 1ppb
  • No membrane, no electrolyte, minimal maintenance
  • Automatic zero-point detection as part of every measurement for assured long-term stability
  • Simple performance verification with optical filter set
  • No sensitivity loss in absence of ozone.

SWAN AMI Line TOC analyser

Reagent-free measurement of TOC by UV oxidation and differential conductivity detection

  • Continuous measurement of TOC (1-1,000ppb)
  • Fast response time to any TOC excursions
  • Grab sample measurement at the push of a button
  • System suitability test according USP <643> and EP 2.2.44.
  • Automatic addition of standard solutions
  • Factory tested and ready for installation and immediate operation.

SWAN Analytical Instruments are focused on providing water quality analysis solutions to meet your pharma water quality compliance requirements. 

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