Pharmaceutical cleanroom monitoring software solution

Particle Measuring Systems releases the new Pharmaceutical Net® Pro Environmental Monitoring Software for FacilityPro® Environmental Monitoring Systems.

Particle Measuring Systems® (PMS) introduces the new Pharmaceutical Net® Pro cleanroom monitoring software for data and collection management, reporting and automation built on an industrial automation architecture.  The software is used with FacilityPro® Processors which connect directly to environmental sensors, including viable air samplers and non-viable particle counters, temperature/humidity sensors, HMI stations, as well as light towers for visual alarm indication.

Pharmaceutical Net Pro software meets all relevant regulatory requirements including 21CFR Part 11 for data integrity. As a GAMP 5 Category 4 software, it is easy to install with reduced validation time. Pharmaceutical Pro software offers flexible integration options to handle a variety of sensors. It can be used in cleanrooms for filling lines, isolators, RABs, lyophylisers, biosafety cabinets and flow hoods, as well as general cleanroom and overall facility monitoring. The software offers intelligent features such as facility mapping, alarming, reporting, and recipe-driven sampling. Up to five clients can be used for remote access and viewing of data.

“Pharmaceutical Net Pro software is the next generation in cleanroom data management. This new software builds on the long-term success of our original Pharmaceutical Net solution while providing the flexibility for long term growth,” said Paul Hartigan, PMS Global Product Line Manager for Systems and Software.  

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