Pakistan lifts Indian import ban for essential medications

A ban on Indian trade to Pakistan has been partly changed to allow the import of drugs after a shortage of critical medicine.

The government in Pakistan has partly lifted an import ban to allow life-saving drugs from India into the country. The Ministry of Commerce issued the Statutory Regulatory Order (SRO) after approval from the federal government. 

A shortage of essential pharmaceuticals prompted the change”

Raw materials, medicines and medical devices regulated by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) will be allowed into the country. The rest of the trade embargo will remain in place.

A shortage of essential pharmaceuticals prompted the change, such as cancer and heart disease drugs. Anti-rabies and antivenin drugs are also in scarcity in the country, encouraging the decision. 

A dearth of ingredients from India to manufacture medicines in Pakistan was another reason for the new ruling.

The move reverses the decision to close all trade, made 5 August, due to the rising tensions between the two nations following political developments in Jammu and Kashmir. 

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  1. pakistan lift indiran import ban for essential medication all data in this blog are very useful

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