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Chris Parker, CCO at Cellular Dynamics

Cellular Dynamics interviewed at SLAS 2014

News, Supplier news, Videos / 3 February 2014 / Freddy White, European Pharmaceutical Review

Chris Parker, CCO at Cellular Dynamics speaks to Freddy White at SLAS 2014.

Screening: In-depth focus 2013

Issue 3 2013, Screening, Supplements / 30 July 2013 / Anthony Mitchell Davies, Alice Vajda, Sarah Louise, Laure Marignol, Sheraz Gul, Emma J. Shanks

New approaches to cell based assays for high content screening and analysis.
Reduce, reuse, recycle: how drug repositioning is finding its niche in drug discovery.
Workshop Review: Biochemical assays for screening.
Screening roundtable.

Stem Cells Supplement 2013

Stem Cells: In-depth focus 2013

Genomics, Issue 2 2013, Supplements / 17 April 2013 / Katharina Drews, James Adjaye, Annette Meeson, George E. Plopper

The promise held by induced pluripotent stem cells for research and regenerative medicine.
Workshop preview – Cell based assays for screening.
Cardiac stem cells.
Stem Cells Roundtable.

Stem Cells Supplement 2012

In-depth focus – Stem Cells

Genomics, Issue 3 2012, Supplements / 5 July 2012 / Michaela E. Sharpe, Mathurin Baquié, Igor Charvet, Luc Stoppini, Karl-Heinz Krause

Stem cell therapies: Assuring safety.
Role of pluripotent stem cells in neurotoxicology testing: Impacts and applied innovations.


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