NIR Spectroscopy for Assessing Blend Uniformity in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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6 April 2017

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6 April 2017

Viavi webinar NIR Spectroscopy

Technological advancements in Near Infrared (NIR) instrumentation have resulted in a move from the laboratory to the manufacturing environment in a form factor suitable for process monitoring and control applications.

Blend uniformity is considered as a Critical Quality Attribute (CQA) by regulatory authorities as it is a key indicator of final tablet uniformity. Traditional methods of analysis are invasive and non-representative. NIR is non-invasive, non-destructive and is much more representative as it measures the state of the material as it exists in the process.

This webinar presented the use of MicroNIR PAT for monitoring the endpoint of powder blending operations using a number of examples and discussed the implementation challenges that need to be addressed for successful implementation. This webinar also described the use of NIR as a continuous verification method that aligns with the principles of Quality by Design as defined in the 2011 US FDA Process Validation guideline.

Keynote speaker

Brad Swarbrick, Owner, Quality by Design Consultancy

brad swarbrick viavi webinar speaker

Brad Swarbrick is a recognized expert in the application of NIR systems and Chemometrics control strategies into the pharmaceutical industry. Working with many of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, Brad has implemented NIR into many processes in a diverse number of applications.

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