How Bayer achieved operational excellence in the lab

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8 February 2018


Since its introduction to their business, IDBS’ E-WorkBook has helped Bayer achieve operational excellence across its labs, saving them time and money.

In our on-demand webinar with Oliver Hesse (Director Lab Automation & Data Management, Bayer Healthcare) you can learn how to emulate Bayer’s success and how they are continuing to use E-WorkBook to improve lab practices, increase laboratory efficiency and build a laboratory environment suited for business needs, both now and in the future.

Keynote Speaker

Oliver Hesse, Director Lab Automation and Data Management, Bayer Healthcare LLC

Oliver Hesse is Director for Lab Automation & Data Management at Bayer – Biological Development in Berkeley, CA. With Bayer since 2008, he develops and implements strategies and directs projects with respect to lab automation and informatics to increase operational and scientific efficiency.

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