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Advantages of automated microbial colony counting

ON-DEMAND By Rapid Micro Biosystems

Watch this webinar with independent microbiology expert Dr Tim Sandle to explore the different technologies, regulatory concerns and validation requirements for automated colony counting methods.

The hidden costs of microbial misidentifications

ON-DEMAND By Charles River Laboratories

Doug Botkin, PhD, examines the challenges and consequences of inaccurate microbial identification methods using real-world case studies and discusses how these challenges can be addressed.

Annex 1 2022: how does it align with Annex 1 2008?

ON-DEMAND By Particle Measuring Systems

Watch this webinar to learn about the commonalities between Annex 1 2022 and the 2008 version. Both have the same requirements, but 2022 has added better defining language. Get side by side comparisons.