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How Bayer achieved operational excellence in the lab


In our on-demand webinar with Oliver Hesse, you can learn how to emulate Bayer’s success and how they are continuing to use E-WorkBook to improve lab practices, increase laboratory efficiency and build a laboratory environment suited for business needs, both now and in the future...

ON-DEMAND Webinar: Rethinking Collaboration in Biologics Discovery

Rethinking Collaboration in Biologics Discovery

ON-DEMAND | By Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

In this webinar, Anne Goupil-Lamy, Ph.D. from BIOVIA demonstrated, using a case study, the value of bringing real time data together during the project: genomics data, predictive models, and experimental assay data...

ON-DEMAND GE Analytical Instruments webinar main image water TOC organic compound testing

TOC for cleaning validation and faster turnaround of production equipment

ON-DEMAND | By GE Analytical Instruments

This webinar demonstrated Total Organic Carbon (TOC) feasibility, method validation and transfer from the laboratory to the manufacturing floor, as well as reviewing a feasibility study for multiple, difficult to oxidise or low solubility organic compounds...

ON-DEMAND SIFT-MS: A New Tool for Impurity Profiling in Pharmaceutical Products webinar

SIFT-MS: A New Tool for Impurity Profiling in Pharmaceutical Products

ON-DEMAND | By Syft Technologies

SIFT-MS is a new tool for real-time, selective and economical trace gas and headspace analysis. SIFT-MS uses soft chemical ionisation to quantify volatile compounds, including chromatographically challenging ones such as formaldehyde, formic acid, and ammonia...

ON-DEMAND NMR-based fragment screening for drug discovery webinar

NMR-based fragment screening for drug discovery

ON-DEMAND | By Bruker Biospin

An introduction to Bruker’s newly launched FBS tool that works with TopSpin software: how it helps to greatly accelerate data analysis during NMR-based FBS by incorporating all screening data into one place and automating many of the processes that are usually done manually...


Understanding ISO Standards: ISO 14644-2:2015 Cleanroom Monitoring

ON-DEMAND | By Particle Measuring Systems

ISO 14644-2:2015 is not only a new standard with which to be compliant, but is also a beneficial tool to use in achieving mature cleanroom environmental control. This webinar provides a review of the changes and how they affect your environment monitoring...