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Whitepaper: Sampling Guidelines for Handheld Raman Measurements; What You Need To Know

Posted: 1 September 2014 |

As we see increased adoption of Raman Spectroscopy as the technique of choice for the rapid identification of materials, our guidelines tell you what you need to know…

In recent years, Raman spectroscopy has seen increased adoption as the technique of choice for the rapid identification of materials; especially for raw material identification in the pharmaceutical industry, identification of controlled substances and explosives for security applications, polymer material identification for packaging and plastics recycling, and mineral and gemstone identification and authentication. This shows a clear indication that there is demand for rapid methods for identification of materials in industry and security inspection. Material testing in the field (understood as anywhere out of the traditional laboratory) is continuing to grow in response to issues of substandard raw materials, product adulteration, and counterfeit ingredients, especially in the pharmaceutical industry where regulations require the testing of all raw materials before use…

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