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Whitepaper: Improved efficiency and lower costs using simultaneous testing for TOC and conductivity

Posted: 13 December 2017 | | No comments yet

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and conductivity measurements are required for compendial water quality…

Manual testing of both parameters can take hours of analyst time. This time-consuming process includes collecting samples, testing samples, recording data, and waiting on review and approval of the recorded data either on paper or in an electronic Laboratory Informatics Management System (LIMS). A Global Biotechnology Company, located in the US, was motivated to find a testing platform for both TOC and conductivity that would gain efficiency, lean out processes, and enable results to be exported to the LIMS.

To improve efficiency and lower costs, the company chose to evaluate the Sievers* M9 Laboratory TOC Analyser. This instrument simultaneously measures TOC and USP Stage 1 Conductivity from a single container, the Dual Use Conductivity and TOC (DUCT) vial. The M9 Lab Analyser also features a shorter sample analysis time, uses less sample volume, and has the ability to integrate with a LIMS.

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