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AcelRx Pharmaceuticals - Articles and news items

AcelRx appoints Howard B. Rosen as CEO; focuses on ARX-04

Industry news / 30 March 2016 / Victoria White

Howard B. Rosen has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer of AcelRx. The company has also selected ARX-04 as its primary focus for clinical development…

Encouraging efficacy and safety results for AcelRx’s ARX-04

Industry news / 26 February 2016 / Victoria White

The safety and efficacy profile observed in the Phase III study is consistent with previous trial results for ARX-04…

AcelRx initiates Phase 3 study of pain treatment ARX-04

Industry news / 6 October 2015 / Victoria White

AcelRx is developing ARX‑04 for the management of moderate-to-severe acute pain in a variety of medically supervised settings, including the emergency room…

EC approves Zalviso for post-operative pain

Industry news / 22 September 2015 / Victoria White

Zalviso is designed to offer sustained (for up to 72 hours) pain relief for acute moderate-to-severe post-operative pain…


AcelRx awarded contract from the US Department of Defence to develop ARX-04

Industry news / 15 May 2015 / Victoria White

AcelRx Pharmaceuticals has entered into a contract to develop ARX-04 worth up to $17.0 million, supported by the US Department of Defence (DoD)…