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Assays - Articles and news items


Celltrion to develop assay for evidence-based decision-making in anti-TNF treatment

Industry news / 5 July 2016 / Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Celltrion is to develop laboratory tests that will enable physicians to identify when patients on an anti-TNF drug require a change of dose…

DiscoverX Corporation logo - 200

DiscoverX launches KILR™ assay platform for use in cancer immunotherapy drug development

Supplier news / 30 March 2016 / DiscoverX Corporation

DiscoverX Corporation has launched the KILR Retroparticles product line, providing scientists complete flexibility to develop a simple cytotoxicity assay in almost any cell line…

Drug discovery assays for the histone deacetylase class of enzymes

Easily measure cancer cell death in a co-culture with KILR™ Assays from DiscoverX

Supplier news / 2 February 2016 / DiscoverX

DiscoverX Corporation announced the launch of the KILR Cytotoxicity Assay, a pioneering approach to accelerate the development of cancer immunotherapy drugs…


Accelerate development of Cancer Immunotherapy (iOnc) drugs with new PathHunter® Checkpoint Assays from DiscoveRx

Supplier news / 14 January 2016 / DiscoveRx

DiscoveRx Corporation announced the expansion of its PathHunter cell-based assays portfolio with the release of PathHunter Checkpoint Assays…

New UV-Vis Spectrophotometer simplifies sample quality decisions

New UV-Vis Spectrophotometer simplifies sample quality decisions

Supplier news / 22 October 2015 / Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop One spectrophotometers designed to identify contaminants, providing accurate concentrations…


Development of biosensor assays for fragment screening of wild type GPCRs

Webinars / 14 October 2015 /

In this webinar, we discuss SPR fragment screening of wild type GPCRs enabled by sensitive biosensors and optimised membrane protein assays…

Webinar Feature Image

Increasing Throughput and Sensitivity of LC-MS assays with a focus on MS optimisation and novel LC strategies

Webinars / 13 July 2015 / Sciex

Simplifying peptide quantification with automated optimisation of MRM transitions and advantages of Micro flow LC to maximise LC-MS performance…

A scanning electron micrograph of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. CREDIT: Stewart Cole/EPFL

Over-the-counter antacid lansoprazole could be an effective anti-tuberculosis drug

Industry news / 7 July 2015 / Victoria White

Testing thousands of approved drugs, EPFL scientists have found that an over-the-counter antacid, lansoprazole, may be an effective anti-tuberculosis drug…

BMG Labtech

BMG LABTECH and InvivoSciences, Inc. Initiate Market Collaboration to Accelerate Drug Discovery in Engineered 3D Tissues

Supplier news / 18 November 2013 / BMG Labtech

BMG LABTECH, Inc announced a strategic collaboration to market the time-dependent fluorescent assessment of engineered 3D heart tissues…

Screening Supplement 2013 - 100

Screening: In-depth focus 2013

Issue 3 2013, Screening, Supplements / 30 July 2013 / Anthony Mitchell Davies, Alice Vajda, Sarah Louise, Laure Marignol, Sheraz Gul, Emma J. Shanks

New approaches to cell based assays for high content screening and analysis.
Reduce, reuse, recycle: how drug repositioning is finding its niche in drug discovery.
Workshop Review: Biochemical assays for screening.
Screening roundtable.


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