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ELNs - Articles and news items

EPR Informatics Supplement 2013

Informatics: In-depth focus 2013

Informatics, Issue 4 2013, Supplements / 21 August 2013 / Eva Bürén (Karolinska Institutet Biobank), Michael H. Elliott (Atrium Research)

Using LIMS for biobanking and implementing LIMS for research.
Biologics development and ELN: A good match?
Informatics Roundtable.

Informatics In-depth focus 2012

Informatics – In-depth focus 2012

Informatics, Issue 4 2012, Supplements / 2 September 2012 / European Pharmaceutical Review

Developing Informatics for the pharmaceutical industry.
Rolling out a biology ELN at UCB Pharma.
Ask the Informatics experts.
Laboratory Informatics – Out of the fog and into the cloud?

Drug discovery assays for the histone deacetylase class of enzymes

Implementing electronic laboratory notebooks to improve the efficiency of pre-clinical drug discovery

Informatics, Issue 6 2011 / 13 December 2011 / Sheraz Gul, Vice President and Head of Biology, European ScreeningPort GmbH

The pre-clinical phase of drug discovery spans a period in the region of five years and requires contributions from multi-disciplinary teams often working at different sites. These teams can generate significant amounts of data which are processed using standard as well as specialist software. The recording of a substantial amount of project related experimental work has historically been performed using paper-based laboratory notebooks completed manually with all files usually being stored locally.

This scenario poses a variety of issues such as delayed access to important information to the project team members which could ultimately reduce its efficiency and thus increase the time taken to complete the project. These paper-based notebooks are now being replaced by an electronic laboratory notebook (eLNB) within research laboratories in industry and academia. Such software allows the documentation of experimental data and its sharing within the multi-disciplinary research team and would be expected to improve data integrity, reduce the time to complete the project and improve communication. This article discusses some of the advantages that would be expected to be achieved upon implementing an eLNB in pre-clinical drug discovery.

eLN supplement

eLN supplement 2011

Informatics, Issue 4 2011, Supplements / 31 August 2011 / John Wise (Executive Director, Pistoia Alliance), John Leonard, David Fletcher, Matthew Harrison and Ian Menzies (Pharmaceutical Development, AstraZeneca), Alexander Botzki (eLN Project Officer, VIB)

Introduction: eLNs – An essential productivity tool – but which one to use?
Using an eLN to create GMP compliant records for drug substance manufacture.
Implementation of an electronic lab notebook system at VIB.
eLN sponsors roundtable (featuring Accelrys, IDBS, AgileBio, Agilent, LabWare Europe, Waters).

Dr. Pearce, CEO and Founder of Nova

Thermo Fisher Scientific simplifies water, environmental & pharmaceutical regulatory compliance

News, Supplier news / 28 March 2011 / The Scott Partnership

And transforms process efficiencies at Nova Biologicals …

Information automation in R&D laboratories; past and future

Issue 4 2008, Past issues / 2 August 2008 /

What were the drivers that helped launch the laboratory information management system (LIMS) and electronic laboratory notebook (ELN)? This article will trace the history of LIMS and ELN from their emergence into the future. Technology development did play a big role to be sure, but the desire of scientists to minimise time performing and analysing experiments provided the biggest push. By looking at the past, one can quite often get a better perspective of what the future will bring. There will be many issues to consider, primarily how to manage and preserve the vast amount of scientific electronic information that is being generated daily.

Going paperless: is now the time?

Issue 2 2008, Past issues / 19 March 2008 /

Over the past 40 years, the development of increasingly powerful computers has played a major role in the advancement of laboratory experimentation. Initially, the high processing capabilities of computers were exploited to perform complex calculations at unprecedented speeds, often offline to a company’s main frame.

Implementation of an enterprise ELN: a case study

Issue 4 2007 / 21 July 2007 / Dr. Simon Weston, Programme Delivery Leader, Discovery, AstraZeneca

The paper notebook has played a central role in the recording of the methods and results of scientific research for centuries. It has some strengths: portability, flexibility and (to some degree) incontrovertibility but in an enterprise environment it has many weaknesses. Chief among these is that the vast majority of information entered is lost to the enterprise unless substantial processes and governance structures are created to ensure its dissemination. However, even if these are in place, searching for relevant information is likely to be time-consuming and difficult since there is no automated search capability below the level of the physical book.

The right technology, at the right time

Issue 5 2006, Past issues / 28 September 2006 / EPR

The growing popularity of Electronic Data Capture (EDC) is indicative of a broad recognition that EDC as a method of data capture offers significant realisable benefits. Developers of drugs that use EDC within their clinical research processes will have a significant competitive advantage, bringing new drugs and therapies to market faster and cheaper.

Interfacing LIMS with ELN

Issue 4 2006, Past issues / 20 July 2006 / Dr Jan Hauss, Laboratory Manager, Merck KGaA

Today, electronic support for scientific research from the bench to the product is reality. For many years there has been an organic growth of different electronic systems in various areas of industry. The current challenge is to combine these electronic islands to form solid ground for integrated cost efficient systems. In this short article I’d like to show how the analytical research LIM system at Merck KGaA is linked with the ELN of the medicinal chemical research.


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